Call for Papers

Call For Papers

We make a concerted effort to provide participants with opportunities to interact and seek new directions in the broad area of topics, but are not limited to:


History and Geography
Human Geography
Music and Art
Regional Studies
Religious studies
Museums & heritage
Literature and Linguistics


Behavioral Sciences
Marriage and the Family Therapy
Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adults
Prevention and Early Intervention
Child Disorders, Substance Abuse, and Delinquency
Advances in Clinical Behavior Therapy
Aggression and Violence throughout the Lifespan
Educational and Psychological Sciences
Child Abuse: New Directions in Prevention and Treatment across the Lifespan
Ideal Mental Health Services
Childhood Disorders: Behavioral-Developmental Approaches
Suicide: Prediction, Prevention and Intervention
Cognitive Psychology

Social Studies

Globalization Impacts
Social Research or Social Science
Online Society and Social media
Social networks/ organizational studies
Sociology of Everyday Life
Social Welfare and Policy
Political Science
Public Administration and Policy
International Affairs and Strategic Studies
Governmental Systems & Practices
Politics and Ethics
International Relations
Regional Studies
Reforming and Consolidated

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