May 2021 _ Paris

The Success Story of HPSCONF 2021

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Oral speakers of the 12th International Conference on Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences announced their decision to be shifted to Virtual presentation mode. Therefore, the HPSCONF Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference entirely Online. The Virtual presentations were delivered via an online electronic forum (Webinar), where the participants engaged in lively discussions during the conference,

Conference Highlighted Speakers

Author Article title Affiliation
Ms.Geraldine Pangiras Review of the Perceptions of Mental Illness and Mental Health Literacy in Indonesia Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,Malaysia
social sciences conference Prof. Maia Chkheidze Some Transformations in the Linguistic Consciousness The University of Georgia
Miss.Xing Yi The Relationship between Perfectionism and Perceived Stress among Undergraduates: The Role of Mindsets University of Malaya,China
Mr.Xolani Ngonini Valuing of Social Impact Assessment: building sound relations towards mitigating project delays Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority,South Africa
Ms. Shara May Espinol Psychological Distress, Marital Dissatisfaction, and Grief of Involuntary Childless Couples Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas, Philippines
Mrs.Mayiana Mitevska The mediating effect of emotional intelligence on the big five personality traits and the big six vocational interests University of Library and Information Technologies Studies, Bulgaria
Miss.Bernadette Gálfi Executive functions as mediator variables between binge eating symptoms and body mass index: A mediation analysis Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania
Miss.Mariana Henriques Martins Modern age, Thoughtlessness, and Nazi Germany Propaganda in Hannah Arendt’s work University of Edinburgh,UK
Ms.Borbala Tamas THE ROLE OF ART EXPERTISE ON VISUAL SYMMETRY AND ASYMMETRY PREFERENCE Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Applied Psychology,Romania
Miss.Anna Veres Perceived career barriers as a mediator between career adaptability and life satisfaction   Babes-Bolyai University,Romania
My fate is my decision: the differential effects of fate and criticality of decision beliefs on career decision making self-efficacy
Mrs.Cemile Akdag Cebi My therapist is a simulation: Risks and benefits of automated virtual reality therapies Ankara Yıldırım Beyazit University,Turkey
social sciences conference Dr.Janet Brewer Involuntary Neurotoxicity and Criminal Responsibility Governors State University,USA
Mrs. Biljana Marković The significance of communication as a skill in the work of nurses/ technicians on the example of a general hospital in the Republic of Croatia University North,Croatia

Here You can find more information about the conference themes and the submission guidelines.

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