March 2023 _ Berlin

The Success Story of HPSCONF 2023

Virtual Session

Conference Highlighted Speakers

Author Article Title Affiliation
Dr.Zuchamo  Nsungbemo Ezung Independent Researcher, India India’s Citizenship Politics: Re-Enacting Partition’s Tragedy
Dr.Norsuhaily Abu Bakar University Sultan Zainal Abidin Terengganu, Malaysia A New Approach in Educational Activities with Augmented Reality (Ar) For Special Needs Children in Malaysia
Dr.Nor Farizal  Mohammed Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia Preliminary study on anti-corruption education in Malaysian educational institutions.
Dr.Jens Hirt Hochschulen Fresenius für Wirtschaft und Medien GmbH, Germany Emotion regulation and morality
social sciences conference Prof.Tamas Bereczkei Inst. of Psychology, University of Pécs, Hungary Machiavellians, the clever decision-makers
  Dr.Gkatsa Tatiani University of Ioannina, Greece Model Psychosocial Intervention for children and adolescents in the three phases of the Pandemic
social sciences conference Undergraduate students’ personality traits: relationship with students’ gender and parental socioeconomic factors
Dr.Eric Orlando Rogers Bethune Cookman University, USA It’s Complicated: Complexities and Crises Amidst  African American Cultural Plasticity In the Face of Death, Grief and Mourning in Communities of Color
social sciences conference Dr.Mariam Albadi University of Nizwa, Oman Representations of the Self and the Western Other in Omani Narrative
Dr.Meryem Geçimli Kahramanmaraş İstiklal University, Faculty of Engineering Architecture and Design, Department of Interior Architecture, Turkey The use of sustainability values in advertisements of housing projects: A Turkish case
Dr.Zerrad  Jaouad National School Of Business And Management, Morocco Dynamique de la communication de pouvoir et professionnalisation du pouvoir de la communication en milieu professionnel : dispositifs, stratégies et limites
social sciences conference Ms.Saima  Najib Chaudry Govt, Guru Nanak Associate College for Women, Nankana Sahib, Pakistan Lovers to Strangers: The Dynamics of Intimate Relationship Loss in André Aciman’s Call Me by Your Name
social sciences conference Ms.Setayesh  Karami Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany
The concept of self-consciousness in phenomenological psychology and its role in handling painful psychological experiences
Mr.Rudrasavarna Dutta Jadavpur University, India A Comparative Analysis Of Bentham’s Theory Of Utilitarianism and Gross National Happiness Index : An Overview
Mrs.Zhichun Yu Green Hope High School, USA Do We Inherit or Create Our Personalities? A Review and Analysis of the Evidence
Ms.Lea Pölczman Semmelweis University, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Hungary ’I will be able to put this experience to good use when I will be working in healthcare’: A focus group study of students’ experience of a mentoring program
Ms.Ecehan Aygül Gönül Istanbul Technical University, Turkey Are there biases in designs of biometric technologies?
Ms.Nitya Ann Eapen CHRIST (Deemed to be) University, India The Role of Handedness in the Perception of Hierarchical Stimuli in Specific Hemifields: Comparison Across Readers and Non-Readers
social sciences conference Ms.Anne Sophie Puers Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, University of Cologne, Germany It’s the attitude, stupid! How political attitudes predict youth activism in liberal and illiberal democracies
social sciences conference Ms.Paulina Schindler Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany Concept of an agent-based simulation of the spread of quantum computer-safe encryption measures
Mrs.Esther Nieto Moreno De Diezmas University Of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain The effect of service-learning programs on English language learning motivation: An empirical study in secondary school
Mr.Anthony Swaray Domawa Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone A Case Study of Eastern Technical University-Kenema Evaluates the Effect of Polytechnics in Creating the Middle-Manpower of Human Capital Development in Sierra Leone
Mr.Jodie Arrington-Franklin John Brown University, USA Behavioral Effects of Crisis and Suicide Volunteering
Ms.Wiwik Suprafti BINUS School Bekasi, Indonesia Online Bibliotherapy to Help Manage Stress and Anxiety of Students During Pandemic: Librarians and Guidance Counselors Collaboration Practical Review

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